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As a hotel manager, protecting your guests from threats without disturbing daily operations is your number one responsibility. An integrated security system custom designed for your building provides the ability to remotely monitor and respond quickly to security risks.

Schilltech specializes in the design, installation, maintenance and staff training of our integrated suite of security systems, video cameras, access control, monitoring and recording of hotels throughout New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland County. We offer a proactive personalized approach based on your hotel size and building architecture to develop a secure strategy that fits your specific needs.

Featured Hotel Security System Integrations and Intercom: 

Security Cameras helps keep your hotel guests safe and your grounds secure while digital video recordings provide the photographic evidence you’ll need to limit your liability and protect your business from legal claims from accidents and fraud, such as lobby or poolside slips and falls.

Access Control & ID Badges provides access and freedom of movement, making guests feel protected and welcomed, while efficiently managing lock-out situations by denying access to protected places such as offices, maintenance supply closets, servers, administrative spaces, club floor suites, restaurants and ballrooms.

Security Systems Integration can also connect access control, video, elevated body cameras and intercom systems to screen staff, guests and visitors, send protective alerts, identify threats in real-time, and quickly give you the information necessary to control entry to your hotel and take fast remedial action.

Fever Detection Cameras:

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) cameras, or fever detection cameras, have become an essential tool in helping to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and disease. We use the best thermal cameras positioned outside entrances and key of your hotel to monitor people’s temperature in real time. Your investment in a EBT can help prevent the spread of disease and create a safer working environment for all your employees, guests and visitors..

Our portfolio of satisfied customers includes high-tech companies, government offices, schools and universities, medical facilities and property managers. 

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