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Residential Alarm Systems

Reliable Intrusion and Environmental Alarm Systems

Protecting your family is important. Alarm systems are your first line of defense against break-ins. Schilltech can help manage your safety and security challenges. We’re a team of full-service Security Camera and Surveillance System Installers with over twenty years of experience installing residential security cameras and access control systems.

We pride ourselves on professional installations and maintenance of security cameras, alarm systems, video surveillance cameras, intercom and access control systems. We have the knowledge and experience to protect your home and family against intrusions, CO2, fire, water and other environmental hazards. We provide 24/7 monitoring services tied to our systems to take immediate action when alerted.


We offer a full range of high-resolution cameras, so you’ll be able to see, record and capture crucial evidence from all the critical access points and perimeter around your home. Plus, we’ll program your smartphone, tablet, and laptop so you can view the video live, and save recorded clips for later review.

Intercom System:

Installed to screen and communicate with visitors to protect your safety. They can also be installed in each room of your home to make it easy for your family to speak with each other.

Home Automation:

Our automated controls save you time, trouble, and money. We can automate your lights, door locks, blinds, sprinklers, thermostat and more. We’ll even connect them to your Alexa and smartphone devices so you can easily make use of the modern conveniences of automation.

Network - Wireless and Wired:

We can install or upgrade your home network using the latest router equipment and extenders to guarantee complete coverage and fast internet access throughout your entire home.

Audio Visual Equipment:

Schilltech’s experienced audio-visual team can custom design, install and maintain the most cost-effective solutions for you. From a flat panel TV with surround sound, to a fully integrated home theater project, we’ll consult with you, identify your budget and objectives. Then we’ll use our knowledge and experience to design and install the best equipment that meets your specific needs.

Motorized Window Treatments:

Make your home more secure, your life easier and save time with custom remote-controlled window coverings. From blind and shade design, to installation and programming, Schilltech offers the perfect solution for your window treatment needs. Whether you want to let the sunshine in or filter out glare and excessive heat, we provide the right window treatment solutions for your home.

Where We Help


Experience – More than 20 years’ experience designing, installing, and testing alarm systems.

Double Security – Built-in WiFi and cellular ensures continuous protection will keep your home secure. Even if one connection is down, the other will call for help.

Power Outage Protection – In the event of a power outage, a back-up battery kicks in to maintain your protection.

Professional Monitoring – 24 hours a day, 7 day a week monitoring protects your home and family. When an event occurs, your system sends a persistent alarm signal to central station. You can be confident help is on the way.

100% Custom-programmed and fully tested equipment ensures your system will work right.

Crash and Smash Protection – If an intruder damages the keypad your system will still alert the police.

Triggered Alerts – Mobile Alert and Notifications via Email and Text

Remote Access and Control – monitor and control access to your home anywhere and anytime.


Schilltech’s Intrusion and Environmental Alarm Systems Features:

• Custom Design, Installation, And Testing

• High-Resolution Cameras

• 24-7 Monitoring

• Smash-Proof Technology

• Video Backup

• Fully-Integrated Home Automation

• Systems Warranty and Maintenance

• Quick responsiveness

• Live Video Streaming

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