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Security & Life Safety

At Schilltech, we take security very seriously and understand the importance of designing a secure facility. Whether you’re looking to install a basic smart lock or trying to secure a bank, we can help you. Nothing is more important than ensuring your employees’ and customers’ safety and protecting your company’s assets. Our years of experience make us highly qualified to help analyze your needs and deliver smart, reliable integrated solutions to keep your business safe and secure.

Our Security, Life Safety and Intercom Products Include:

  • Burglar Alarms (Residential and Commercial including both wireless and hardwired)
  • Fire Alarm systems (residential and commercial) 
  • CO2 Detection Systems (residential and commercial) 
  • Video Surveillance Systems (IP and HD Analog) 
  • Smart Locks 
  • Access Control systems both IP based and traditional 
  • Elevator Destination Dispatch 
  • Video Intercom products for single family and multi-unit residential and commercial
  • Long Range RFID for gated community access


Automation solutions that enable your commercial space’s smart management increase your efficiency and save money and resources. These solutions include controlled lighting, heating, air-conditioning, movement detection, air quality, and virus protection. In the world of IoT and connected devices, everyone wants their world to be as easy as the press of a button. Here at Schilltech, we embrace the new world and help guide you through it. From design to installation, we know all the pieces to make you SMART.

Our Automation Products Include:

  • Lutron Lighting Controls
  • POE Lighting Controls
  • Temperature Controls
  • Audio Visual Controls
  • Motorized Shade Controls
  • Mechanical and Industrial Controls

Audio Visual

International company needing to link to a network of offices? Small company in need of HD presentations with wireless in one conference room? Sports bar looking to add new big-screen TVs? We have the experience to make your visual and audio connections happen. Schilltech has been installing AV solutions for years in many different sectors, including residential, office, retail, educational, government, hospitality, and industrial. We are a full-service AV design and build company, and our systems and service rival with the best in the industry.

Our AV Services Include: 

  • Multi-Room Audio (Sonos, Russound, Control4, RTI, etc). 
  • Television and Projector Installation (Home, Large Venue, Commercial). 
  • Video Walls
  • Smartboards, Brightlinks and Interactive Displays
  • Museum exhibits and displays
  • Hospitality Audio (Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Cafes, Gyms) 
  • Distributed Video Systems (Gyms, Sports Bars, Government Command Centers, Educational Institutions). 
  • Paging Systems (Schools, Commercial, Industrial). 

    Information Technology

    Your computer network is crucial to your operation. It needs to be reliable, secure, and manageable. Schilltech designs and builds networks from the ground up, providing you with safe and dependable connectivity. We are specialists in designing and building both infrastructure (cabling, racks, terminations) and end products. Once we understand how your business needs to operate, we help you choose and configure how many computers, servers, and devices you’ll need to accomplish your goals based on your plan and budget.

    Our IT Services Include:

    • Structured Wiring and Terminations  (Category Cable, Coax, and Fiber). 
    • Office Hardwired LAN and Wireless Networks 
    • Building-Wide WIFI 
    • Business WIFI including Guest Hotspots 
    • VOIP Phone Systems 
    • Data Center Builds
    • Residential Mesh WIFI systems.

      Motorized Window Treatments

      Window treatments filter out unwanted heat, light, or glare, providing a more comfortable and productive space. We are a full-service design-build window treatment company offering a breadth of solutions for your window treatment needs, from manual small window shades to motorized skylight shades.

      Our Window Treatment Offerings include:

      • Manual Roller Shades (Solar and Blackout). 
      • Motorized Roller Shades (Solar and Blackout).
      • Motorized Roman Shades
      • Motorized Drapery Tracks
      • Motorized Skylight Shades 
      • Motorized Window Blinds


          Great lighting can create a positive work environment for your employees and an inviting ambiance for your customers. Proper lighting is also important for security and aids in crime prevention. At Schilltech, we have years of experience finding perfect lighting solutions for our customers.

          Our Lighting Services Include:

          • Lighting Design
          • Lighting Supply including recessed, linear, strip, chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. 
          • Lighting Control 
          • POE Lighting Fixtures Supply, Install, and Programming
          • 3rd Party Subcontract Electrical Work with the best union and non-union electrical companies in your area.
          • Nightclub/Bar Lighting including moving heads, RGBW strips, strobes, pinspots, etc.
          • UVC Lighting for room and HVAC decontamination

              Virus Spread Prevention

              Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic we dove in to research on how we could help our customers deal with the situation. We have come up with many solutions to help stop the spread.

              Our stop the spread offerings include:

              • Temperature Screening Cameras: These cameras are set up on tripods in busy lobbies to help process people quickly by actively scanning temperatures and alerting staff of anyone with a raised skin temperature. A fever is a very relative sign of an underlying sickness whether its a virus, or infection.
              • UV Lights for surface decontamination: These lights are offered in both permanent installation and mobile options. The permanent lights can be mounted onto sheetrock, or optional ordered for 1×1 tiles, and 2×2 tiles. With built in occupancy sensors or optional BACnet connectivity they can be safely turned on when no one is in the space and provide effective cleaning for up to 100-150 sq ft per light. The mobile options can be rolled into a room and turned on for a 30 minute cycle and then moved to another area for decontamination of both air and surfaces.
              • Antimicrobial Desk Dividers: These antimicrobial fabric panels come with mounting brackets to mount to industry standard open workspace desks to help provide separation between employees or students to help stop the spread of droplets between work areas.
              • Air Quality Products including the following:

                • UVC lights for disinfecting cooling coils: these kill viruses, fungus, and bacteria that builds up on coils which also promotes the build up of dust on coils. These lights not only give you cleaner air they also give you less maintenance on not having to clean the coils and allow the units to run more efficiently.
                • Air Purification / Portable and Permanent: these units can be retrofitted into existing ductwork and provide superior air disinfecting by filtration down to .007 microns. They also have portable versions that can be used for room air purification (almost look like dehumidifiers).
                • Bi-polar Ionization Systems: These systems get cut into supply ducts and release bipolar ions that bond with contaminants such as viruses and bacteria and when the process occurs they gain size and mass and drop to the floor. 
                • Outside Air Processing Units: Where typical air handlers are designed to only bring in 30% outside air these units can be installed to bring in up to 100% outside air and filter into your existing air handlers providing new fresh air instead of recycling contaminated air. 

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