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Office Security Camera Installations

In today’s business environment, it’s more important than ever to protect your employees, your business and your profits by installing the proper Security System, including Surveillance Cameras, Fever Detection Cameras and Access Control. When you install a system with Schilltech, we apply over 20 years of experience designing and implementing your office security systems so you can be confident your business, it’s employees and visitors will be safe and secure.

Schilltech designs and installs customized office security systems for all businesses in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Westchester Counties. We provide a safe, theft resistant environment for your business to grow. These systems can also monitor for elevated body temperatures, fire, intrusions, and moisture, helping you to maintain a high degree of safety for staff and visitors. You’ll also have access through a remote-controlled environment linked to your mobile and desktop devices to instantly notify you of emergencies at the office.

Fever Detection Cameras

Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) cameras, or fever detection cameras, have become an essential tool in helping businesses to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and disease. We use the best thermal cameras positioned outside your business entrances and in key parts of your offices to monitor human temperature in real time. Your investment in a EBT can help prevent the spread of disease and create a safer working environment for all your employees and visitors.

The Best Package to Meet Your Budget

Every business is different and the most essential part of a cost-effective aecurity system is to install one that works best for your office. Whether you choose a smaller system or a larger one, we’ll design, install and integrate the security system that works best for you.

How Many Cameras Are Needed

Cameras are placed strategically in the best locations to provide effective and efficient coverage. The most important coverage includes areas where employees work, entrances, exits, parking lots and storage facilities.

Appropriate Integrated Access Control

You can restrict admission to authorized personnel and visitors by installing biometric access control systems or by distributing access cards to your employees. Access control systems can be installed in the interior or exterior entrances, or any entry point you wish to deny unauthorized access. We can also connect access control, elevated body cameras and intercom systems together to screen staff and visitors and send alerts to protect your employees and admit or deny entry.

Liability Issues

Monitoring and recording activity with an office security system  can significantly lower the risk involved in keeping your staff and visitors safe. Your insurance company may also provide lower premium incentives to install and upgrade Access Control Systems, Fever Detection Cameras and Surveillance Cameras.

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Schilltech understands the specific security needs of a businesses like yours. We apply over 20 years of experience designing and implementing security systems so that you’ll gain confidence your business will be safe and secure.

Our portfolio of satisfied customers includes high-tech companies, government offices, schools and universities, medical facilities and property managers. 


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