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Property Management Security Systems

Remotely Monitor Multiple Property Locations Effortlessly With Shilltech’s Central Monitoring System

Protect against vandalism and property theft with Centralized Monitoring of the office, apartment buildings and retail stores under management. We use the best technology so you can see and remotely track any movement around your buildings at multiple locations and receive immediate notification when trouble arises. Schilltech’s Property Management Security solutions, are custom designed with video, the latest cameras, and door, window, and motion sensors to help you respond quickly to security risks. Deploying our systems creates a huge market differentiator for your company, providing significant value to the property owners you serve.

Know and Control Everyone Coming Through the Door With Access Control Intercom Solutions

Ensure privacy, avoid locksmith fees and manage access to specific areas of your property by utilizing access control solutions. Biometric access control systems or distributing access cards restrict admission to authorized personnel at medical, commercial, apartment, healthcare and retail facilities. Using access control, you can efficiently manage lock-out situations at interior or exterior entrances, or any entry point you wish to deny unauthorized user access. Property managers can also exclude former tenants from reentry while allowing needed access to cleaning crews, HVAC, plumbers, painters. Efficiently manage lock-out situations with multiple tenants by updating user codes using one central account.

We can also connect access control, elevated body cameras and intercom systems to screen staff and visitors and send protective alerts to control entry to your building.


Our portfolio of satisfied customers includes high-tech companies, government offices, schools and universities, medical facilities and property managers. 

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